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The Seek Diagnostics Test

Seek Test™ is a unique life changing solution

Seek Diagnostics is working to detect early stage cancer which will allow patients and doctors to rapidly diagnose and treat some of the deadliest cancers and improve patient care. Seek has partnered with leading industry experts in Oncology to help advance the fight against cancer.

Blood Prick

The blood collection is 100% compliant with routine protocols.


Seek Test™ is equivalent to a virtual pathologist making a decision based on microscopic observation.


Using Seek Test™ both sensitivity and specificity are further boosted by advanced AI/ML technology. The test can be performed in the morning with results by the afternoon.

Cancers we're working on

Seek is working on trials to detect the following cancers:



By the Numbers

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Rise in Male Cancers
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Rise in Female Cancers
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Rise In New Cancers

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