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Matthew Clayton

Matthew Clayton

Chief Operating Officer

Matthew Clayton has been in the IT, and Oil and Gas Industry for 30 years. His career had 10+ years at Schlumberger in multiple roles, ending up in global sales of MPLS/VSAT to global clients. He provided solutions on 5 continents and well as a multitude of offshore locations to everyone from supermajors, service providers, and small independents. During that time he also lived in the UK, and Brazil during international deployments. He joined Harris CapRock when Harris Corporation purchased CapRock Communications, and Schlumberger’s GCS group. He was there for 4+ years and continued to serve his Oil and Gas clients with creative solutions in some of the harshest of locations.

His global operational responsibilities has allowed him to learn how to conduct business successfully in over 40 countries. His role as COO for Seek Diagnostics will allow him to take that expertise and help Seek Diagnostics expand globally when the time is right.

He also has 4 patents on an offshore oil spill sensor he had the idea for while working for Schlumberger.