detect early-stage cancer with high precision and accuracy

Blood Draw & Processing

Blood drawn at a centralized/provider’s location and to be sent for processing and analysis 

Analysis of Sample

Using our propriety technology the process sample is analyzed and characterized 

Data & Results

Within the day of the analysis, the results are electronically sent to the provider and patients for review

Your health. Made clear.

Our cutting-edge solution instills fresh hope for early intervention and improved outcomes across a wide range of cancers, including colon, ovarian, lung, and breast.

Presently, these cancer types are frequently detected at advanced stages, significantly restricting treatment choices and impacting survival rates. However, with our groundbreaking approach, we strive to rewrite this narrative, offering renewed hope for saving countless lives.

Our Strengths

Technological breakthrough

Our revolutionary test is the sole and original method that analyzes single extracellular vesicles found abundantly in the blood, even during the initial stages of cancer.

Ability for early detection

Extracellular vesicles are tiny markers that offer valuable information about the biology of the cells they come from. These markers are used for diagnosis and can provide important insights about cancer.

A team of experts

Our founders are both scientists and doctors who have assembled a diverse group of experts dedicated to a common goal: saving lives and reducing suffering through early cancer detection.

Breakthrough technology in cancer detection

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